“The words and promises you bring are fair enough, but because they are new to us and doubtful, I cannot consent to accept them and forsake those beliefs which I and the whole English race have held so long.”
(King Ethelbert to St Augustine – AD 597)

Fyrnsidu is an Old English term meaning “The Old Ways”. We use this term today to refer to the spiritual and religious practices of the so-called “Heathen” Germanic peoples, specifically, the Anglo-Saxons. These ancient peoples had a way of life that recognized the interconnectedness of all things; the physical, spiritual and mental realms, and the natural cycles which govern all living creatures. This way of life was, and still is highly ethical and holistic. Fyrnsidu is not an historical recreation, it is a living religion based o­n the tenets and world-view of the “Heathen” Germanic peoples. Our way is not an anachronism, although we draw great strength from the traditions of our ancestors. Rather, Fyrnsidu is a dynamic, growing faith for the present, but deeply rooted in the past.



The Purpose of this page is to preserve the legacy of Geferræden Fyrnsida and its contributing members. Osric, Wulfrafen, Bathilde, Dax, and many others spent years developing resources and a support framework for an alternative to Theodish heathenry, and their work has largely been forgotten by the greater Heathen community.

This page will likely grow as I have time to dig through 15 years of webpage archives.

Note: Many of the old articles were not properly credited to the member contributor. If you see something that was not properly credited to you and you would like me to change that, please email me at support@fyrnsidu.org